mono.kultur #36 Ricardo Bofill: The Future of the Past


Spanish architect and enfant terrible Ricardo Bofill is one of Europe’s most renowned and prolific architects of the last century. mono.kultur #36 – Ricardo Bofill: The Future of the Past provides an intelligent and incisive traversal of Bofill's practice, from his notorious, vast, city-like housing estates from the 1970s (which look like surreal experiments in crossbreeding desert caves with Star Wars) to several of his 1000-plus projects (spanning perfume bottles to entire city plans). Taking us from fascist Spain under Franco's rule to the celebrity frenzy of our modern times, this issue sees Bofill expand on five decades of architecture, the vagaries of ambition and how modernism killed the city. Thanks as always to Kai von Rabenau and the extended mono.kultur family. The brilliance continues.

48 pages, 15 x 20 cm, softcover, mono.kultur (Berlin).