Ne Travaillez Jamais - I Fuck With Turrell


Sold Out

James Turrell’s light installations are renowned world-wide; the rapper Drake even imitated Turrell’s work in his music video Hotline Bling. Though many people know of Turrell, even more know Drake’s music. “I fuck with Turrell”, said Drake when asked about his inspiration.

In 2011 an art department opened at the BBB vocational school in Baden, Switzerland, alongside courses on car mechanics, hairdressing, catering and construction. The school’s art budget was used to bring artists into the school to produce work and to instigate a dialogue about the nature of work, be that ‘creative’ or otherwise. I Fuck With Turrell is a document of the first phase of the BBB art department project, but it is also a visual meditation on how art infiltrates our lives. Published by Kodoji Press (Zurich). 

292 pages, soft cover, 17 x 12.8 cm, Kodoji Press (Zurich).