Open Spatial Workshop: Converging In Time


Open Spatial Workshop: Converging in Time was published on the occasion of the first major museum exhibition by Open Spatial Workshop (comprising artists Terri Bird, Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell). The exhibition is part of MUMA's much anticipated annual survey exhibition series that presents the practices of Australia's most exciting and innovative mid-career artists. Converging in Time continues OSW's sculptural investigation into the forces of material formation. Drawing on earth sciences research and studies of the Anthropocene, this major book explores the relationship between the mineral make-up of a site and the societies they produce and sustain. Designed by Paul Mylecharane and Ziga Testen, with texts by Open Spatial Workshop, Saskia Beudel, Kathryn Yusoff, Matt Poll. Published by MUMA (Melbourne).

384 pages, 26 cm x 20 cm, soft-cover, MUMA (Melbourne).