Pedro G. Romero - Archivo F. X.


Archivo F. X. is based on an archive that Pedro G. Romero has been compiling since 1999. It consists of more than a thousand documents that link the story (stories) of anticlerical iconoclasm in Spain with positions adopted by the international avant-garde. Drawing on this steadily expanding pool of material, Romero develops different ways of presenting the F. X. archive. In the process, the content’s frame of reference finds itself continually readjusting to cater to such factors as the urban environment, community, knowledge, and economics. The staging of Archivo F. X. that was specially conceived for the Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart was designed as memory theatre, archive, and imaginary museum. It sets up an unusual dialogue with the artists Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Joseph Beuys, and Alexander Kluge. Published by Spector Books (Leipzig).

256 pages, 23 x 15 cm, hardcover, Spector Books (Leipzig).