Peter Coffin - Imaginary Concerts


Downtown Los Angeles’ Colby Poster Printing Co. famously churned out their iconic “show print” posters from 1946 until 2012. Peter Coffin’s Imaginary Concerts grew out of experimenting with the print shop’s patent eyeball-attracting inks and exhibiting a series of eighty text-less posters in Colby’s tricolour gradient style, allowing the viewer to “what if…?” imaginary line ups into existence. After displaying the posters worldwide, Coffin enticed a handful of artists, authors, and otherwise daydreamers to depict their wildest concert bills in black letterpress. Published in partnership with Printed MatterImaginary Concerts collects and displays over 70 submissions against the hazy, horizontal colour bands encouraging your cranium to creep its deepest concert fantasies. 

168 pages, 31 x 22.5cm, hardcover, Anthology Editions / Printed Matter (New York).