Philip Aarons and AA Bronson (eds) - Queer Zines Box Set, Volumes 1 & 2


Sold Out

In two volumes, Queer Zines offer a visually arresting, intellectually provocative, and unashamedly sexy survey of contemporary and vintage gay zines. With hundreds of in-depth bibliographic overviews and synopses, editors AA Bronson and Philip Aarons have created an essential compendium to self-published, serial publications that share both a queer spirit and a visible mark of the artist/maker.

At more than 200 pages, Volume 1 features the excerpted illustrations and writings by zine makers, reprints of im- portant articles in and about queer zines, a directory of important zine archives, and a list of zine outlets around the world. It also includes a 1980 interview with Boyd McDonald by Vince Aletti, Bimbox’s pop-up genitalia (alas, not popping up here), Adam Block’s early writings on zines from the Advocate, a “Where are They Now?” section that charts the careers of various queer zine pioneers, and excerpted interviews with GB Jones, Vaginal Davis, and Bruce LaBruce. A Printed Matter bestseller, this title is available again in an updated second printing.

Queer Zines 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off, with an expanded focus on overlooked ‘historical’ publications dating from the early 70s onward, as well as extensive entries charting a new generation of queer zinesters. The publication features over a dozen new essays, including writing by Bruce LaBruce, Edie Fake, K8 Hardy, Scott Treleaven, and more. These contributions offer personal and critical assessments reflecting on the urgency and vitality of independent queer publishing as an important agent in shaping identity, establishing community, and altering the course of culture more generally.

Get both titles together as a special boxed-set edition, featuring a screen printed slipcase. Thanks to Printed Matter (New York). 

280 pages, 27 x 19 cm, softcover, Printed Matter (New York).