Polly Borland - Smudge


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Smudge is an equally disturbing, intimate and hilarious series of staged portraits from legendary Australian-born photographer Polly BorlandBorland manipulates and changes the models’ presence through a highly original use of visual devices, costume and light, to produce an arresting and ambiguous subject. Whether they are the magnificent, life-affirming portraits or terrifying erotic distortions of strange creatures there is a deep love for the photographed subjects and the dignity that exists in their dysmorphia. Her pictures are never voyeuristic, never observational and never merely shocking. Rather Borland seems to be shooting into a distorted mirror and simply bringing back heartbreaking refracted images of herself. Comes with it's own bag/cover. Courtesy of Actar (Spain).

88 pages, 24 x 29 cm, softcover in card slip cover/bag, Actar (Spain).