Ramps, Pools, Ponds and Pipes


Sold Out

Prior to the glossy skate magazines, and pro-tours of the late 1980s skateboarding’s popularity ebbed and flowed. A lack of facilities meant early skaters had to build their own ramps and locate empty swimming pools, ponds and pipes to develop their skills.

Ramps, Pools, Ponds and Pipes is a selection of images from the photographic archive of pioneering Melbourne skater Noel Forsyth. The images are grouped by the inventive locations used by the first generation of skaters in Victoria, designed and published by Melbourne-based designer Dom Forde.

80 pages, A5 printed in 2 colours using a riso printer and wiro bound, self-published (Melbourne).

Shortlisted for the 2015 Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards, First Photobook of the Year.