Real Review 4


Real Review is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine with the strapline “what it means to live today”. Our agenda focuses on the politics of space, and trying to understand how everyday conditions enforce and reinforce power relations.

The contemporary 24-hour news cycle is a swirling gyre of political and economic intrigue, a rolling wave that surges ceaselessly, always building power but never forming a crest. To surf the slipstream of the news is to be forever on the brink of BREAKING. Against all the uncertainty and fear, nothing seems more eternal, more universal and (unlike our political leaders) quite so strong and stable as love. 

Is love an industrial commodity? Artist Magali Reus talks about what it means to love today. Together forever, forever apart: Jack Self reviews Contactless technology. Capital, sex and territory are reviewed in a photo-essay on rent by Theo SimpsonStoya reviews webcam modelling with Anna Bell PeaksHuw Lemmey reviews brotherhood, with photography by Prem SahibCatherine Slessor reviews the post-coital cigarette, with photography by Matthieu Lavanchy. What is the true social price of cloth, Ore Disu and Foyeke Ajao review the aso-ebi.

Also in the issue: Hannah Foulds spends a night with The Collective, and reviews community; Mark Campbell reviews the sultry nights of Hong Kong; Peer Illner reviews artificial wombs; William Alderwick reviews love in the age of facefuck; Gavin Blair reviews Japanese boyfriends for hire; Yulia Rudenko reviews the longest-running reality show in the world; Coco Coffman reviews the boulevard of broken dreams; James Taylor-Foster reviews the EU flag and Harry Burke reviews zentai bodysuits.

90-100 pages, softcover, 26 x 11.5 cm, Real Review (London)