Richard Niessen – The Palace of Typographic Masonry


Richard Niessen founded The Palace of Typographic Masonry as a new institute dedicated to the wealth and diversity of graphic languages. In this project he brings together his experiments, research, and connections with research into other disciplines and embeds graphic design in a cultural history. In this book the reader will go on a journey to learn about nine terms: sign, symbol, ornament, construction, play, poetics, dialogue, craft, and order. The guided tour through The Palace of Typographic Masonry reads like an alternative theory of the profession. Each space that the reader visits will be announced by colourful details from Niessen’s posters, specially designed for the occasion and printed in eight Pantone colours. All the 195 exhibits to be viewed in the spaces of the imaginary palace are displayed and explained on perforated cardboard sheets.

Texts and contributions: Juan Luis BlancoMatthijs van BoxtelTony CômeHansje van HalemFanette MellierEls KuijpersMonikerRichard NiessenHans OldewarrisJulius VermeulenDirk van Weelden.

348 pages, softcover, 29.7 x 21.5 cm, Spector Books (Leipzig).