Rory MacLean - Pictures of You: Ten Journeys in Time


In Pictures of You, bestselling author Rory MacLean narrates a journey across the globe and into the lives of ordinary men and women who lived through extraordinary times. He travels through the extensive collection of the Archive of Modern Conflict, venturing from Siberia to Rangoon, China to Shepperton Studios, from the first killing of the Cold War to the dying hopes of a doomed aviator, from the ghosts of Native America at Alcatraz, to Chairman Mao's most timid lover. The AMC's shelves hold pictures of some four million lost lives, and MacLean seeks to save the stories behind these selected photographs, hearing forgotten voices that echo from the depths of time, and picturing lives that mirror our own. Published by the Archive of Modern Conflict (London). 

200 pages, 19.8 x 13cm, paperback, Archive of Modern Conflict (London).