Sarah Piegay Espenon – Humanise Something Free of Error


Humanise Something Free of Error meditates on man’s attempts to influence the climate through weather modification, in the form of a visual research project compiled over three years. Gathered from sources as diverse as press libraries, online forums and the artists’ photographic archives, Humanise Something Free of Error is an oblique response to these issues of power, left open-ended through visual associations along the thin line between peaceful and hostile usage of geo-engineering. This critical engagement questions man’s ability to responsibly manage powerful and harmful ecological forces. The experiments evident in Humanise Something Free of Error are inseparable from the impending climate crises of our age, and paint an urgent picture of extreme hidden trajectories to control ecological change. 

Sarah Piegay Espenon (b. 1990) is an artist and designer, and the co-founder of Loose Joints (London). Her work generally incorporates archival photography and examines at the impulses to collecting and process data. Humanise Something Free of Error is her first book.

176 pages, 19 x 13 cm, softcover, Loose Joints (London).