Saskia Groneberg - Buropflanze (Office Plant)


Saskia Groneberg casts an ironic but tender gaze at those plants which find their often unappreciated destiny in the bland, in-between spaces of offices. Lit by fluorescent bulbs, perched on filing cabinets, or dangling from dropped ceilings, these flora blend unobtrusively into the background of the rational office world. The greenery – ornamental succulents and cacti, climbing vines, and all manner of ‘Sansevieria’ – grows and sprawls over tables and shelves, swallows up corners and neglected stacks of documents, and both divides and connects rooms. Groneberg frames these denizens as barely discernable traces or expansive gestures, highlighting their largely peripheral status. Thanks to Edition Taube (Munich). 

76 pages, 21 x 29 cm, hardcover, Edition Taube (Munich).