Sébastien Capouet - Palimpsest


Sébastien Capouet’s Palimpsest gathers a body of photographs taken between 2011 and 2014, in parallel with the artist’s wider pictorial practice. This object-book induces – via playful folds and successive intervals – rhythmic gestures and motions. The principle is that of the palimpsest, in which successive strata echo both the different layers enveloping the characters depicted in the photographs and the deserted landscapes in which they evolve. Within Capouet’s oeuvre, his photographic practice presents itself as a transitory, liminal space – a series of abstractions that allows the artist to concentrate the attention of the spectator on the processes at play – much like his paintings. These processes of effacement, in his paintings just as much as in his images/photographs, depend less on subtraction than on additions, superimpositions and saturations. Stunningly published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent) in collaboration with itinerant publication platform Theophile's Papers.

56 pages, 29.5 x 19.7 cm, softcover, MER. Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent).