Stephen Bram and David Morrison - Re-Print #1: 1 2 3 (1992)


In 1992, artist Stephen Bram and architect David Morrison collaborated in the production of three staple-bound, xeroxed books to accompany an exhibition at City Gallery, Melbourne. The books were published in a small edition by Pataphysics Books. Re-print #1: 1 2 3 presents the three books produced by Bram and Morrison, collated in a single 1:1 scale, offset reprint. The Re-print project is a curated series that reintroduces out-of-print artist publications to a contemporary audience. The series also exploits the character of the reprints to insert interventions in public archives: introducing material that was never legally deposited, or reinserting previously archived publications in the form of mediated replications. Thanks to local publisher 3-Ply.

48 pages, 175 x 256 mm, softcover, 3-Ply (Melbourne).