Subscription Series No.3: Elaine Stocki - Balcony


Each year TBW Books (Oakland) curates four individual books by artists they feel are making compelling work within the medium of photography. While each book is unique they are designed and edited to work together in conveying a cohesive visual theme. This is reflected not only in the image content but by the design of the books as a whole. Subscription Series No.3 features: 

Book 1: Mark Steinmetz - Philip & Micheline
Book 2: Elaine Stocki - Balcony
Book 3: Dru Donovan - Lifting Water
Book 4: Katy Grannan - N.

Balcony is a unique exploration of uncertainty and poetic tensions. Stocki’s images pose questions about psychological limitations as well as the chaos of human interactions. All the while a cast of character's assembled through model-wanted ads on stubbornly provide the viewer no real answers. 

40 pages, 20.3 x 15.2 cm, softcover, TBW Books (Oakland).