Subscription Series No.4: Alessandra Sanguinetti - Sorry, Welcome


Each year TBW Books (Oakland) curates four individual books by artists they feel are making compelling work within the medium of photography. While each book is unique they are designed and edited to work together in conveying a cohesive visual theme. This is reflected not only in the image content but by the design of the books as a whole. Subscription Series No.4 features:

Book #1: Christian Patterson - Bottom of the Lake
Book #2: Alessandra Sanguinetti - Sorry, Welcome
Book #3: Raymond Meeks - Erasure
Book #4: Wolfgang Tillmans - Utoquai

Sanguinetti veers away from the previous work that proved her to be a photographic powerhouse. Sorry, Welcome is a glimpse into the artist's life the way it looked throughout the winter of 2012. The work was shot over a short period of time in which Sanguinetti took a step back becoming a voyeur of her own life. As a new romantic relationship bridges an ocean of distance we are also privy to watching her own daughter gain a new older sister. The work is pointed, tender, and a loving tribute to the family structure.

42 pages, 28 x 22.8 cm, hardcover, TBW Books (Oakland).