Subscription Series No.4: Raymond Meeks - Erasure


Each year TBW Books (Oakland) curates four individual books by artists they feel are making compelling work within the medium of photography. While each book is unique they are designed and edited to work together in conveying a cohesive visual theme. This is reflected not only in the image content but by the design of the books as a whole. Subscription Series No.4 features:

Book #1: Christian Patterson - Bottom of the Lake
Book #2: Alessandra Sanguinetti - Sorry, Welcome
Book #3: Raymond Meeks - Erasure
Book #4: Wolfgang Tillmans - Utoquai

Meek's poetic work plays out as the artist rides a bicycle around his newly adopted east coast home base. Loss and longing share equal roles as the artist traverses the concrete, snapping away in a style that marries the objectivity of Google Street View with the inquisitive sensitivity of Robert Frank. Using printing techniques that involve over-exposing and laying what Meek's calls a "base fog" to the image, the artist literally masks what he deems "the painful and ugly" in his view of the world. This method of darkroom-manipulation creates an unsettling yet profoundly beautiful and unique book.

42 pages, 28 x 22.8 cm, hardcover, TBW Books (Oakland).