the end of the world as we know it


The digital age has changed photography: images circle the globe in seconds and involve us in a conflicted present. Just as in the nineteenth century, when industrialization caused cities to grow in leaps and bounds and reportage emerged as a new form of narrative disseminated by the mass media — a transmitter of urban experience — it is imperative today to come to a renewed understanding of what photographic modalities are appropriate for conveying an image of the world. The publication produced in conjunction with the 7th f/stop Festival for Photography in Leipzig is a passionate plea for a photography that chronicles events: artistic photographs appear next to press images, private snapshots next to historical reportage. For this community of images is what constitutes photography: not one single image but all of them.

Photographs by: Khaled Barakeh, Bertolt Brecht, Robert Capa, Monika Haller, Familie Khalil, Jens Klein, Andreas Langfeld, Gilles Raynaldy, Gerda Taro, Erik van der Weijde, Jonas Zilius u. a. / a. o.

Anne König (b. 1971, Erfurt / Germany) and Jan Wenzel (b. 1972, Bautzen / Germany) publishers of Spector Books and curators of the 7th f/stop Festival for Photography Leipzig, (23, June to 3, July 2016). Published by Spector Books (Leipzig). 

148 pages, 160 pages, softcover, Spector Books (Leipzig).