The Riddle Of The Real City, Or The Dark Knowledge Of Urbanism Genealogy, Prophecy, And Epistemology


Is the basis for our knowledge about city and urban planning solid? How can we theorise about urban design and architecture in our current age? Designed as a triptych of three books in one, this publication intends to enrich our theoretical understanding of urban interventions. Urban design theorist and historian Wim Nijenhuis engages various philosophers and a spectrum of disciplines, such as urbanism, architecture, history, media science, and art, in each section: a treatise on urban history, essays about the condition of the city in our media age, and meditations about epistemological problems that in turn question the practice of critical writing and propose a shift in worldview. Published by Duizend & Een (Amsterdam).

412 pages, 20 x 30 cm, softcover, Duizend & Een (Amsterdam).