Thomas Krempke – The Whispering of Things


In 2008, the Swiss artist Thomas Krempke began to photograph daily. The pictures are printed and then stuck into notebooks, where he would write about the images. The result is a log of his perception – a photographic diary, a cartography of his vision. He photographs where he is, what he encounters. He takes nothing away, adds nothing, no light. In Krempke's pictures no extraordinary events are to be seen, no wars, no poverty and no exotic landscapes, but what one calls everyday life. But photography is changing this everyday life – the world is no longer the same, the gaze is increasingly behind the phenomena of everyday life, and an almost microscopic journey of discovery through so far unseen and undiscovered is developing. Everyday life shows itself in new dignity and poetry, the importance and size relationships continually shifting. Krempke contrasts his own with the flood of media images and thus creates a sort of parallel world, an encrypted version of his life – as in memory, as in dreams.

628 pages, hardcover, 22 x 16.5 cm, Edition Patrick Frey (Zurich).