Thomas Raat - Archetypes and Residues


Reminiscing the format of a catalogue Archetypes and Residues documents such ordinary objects as chairs, doors, mirrors and table frames repurposed by artist Thomas Raat–some of which retain their original formal states, while others are intentionally recreated. It reflects upon Raat’s sculptural practice, in the two-dimensionality of the printed page, and the space within printed matter.

Raat’s works in this publication, have found new form: resurfaced chairs as an ensemble bring individuality to their traces of mass-production; elements of residential doors as copper kick-plates, handles, and locks recompose to be read as paintings; mirrors are mysteriously darkened; metal-leafed frames, are suddenly supported by marble. Tangentially woven throughout is an adaptation of 1892’s The Real Thing, by American/British writer Henry James, which unravels alongside Raat’s objects, amplifying terse apexes they seek to expropriate–when their forms ceased conscious perception.

The publication concludes with an index of the Raat’s works, their material palettes and various dimensions–which ensures readers their two-dimensional representations printed here, are references to illusions of prior assembled situations; the text responds to Raat’s explorations of the ideals embedded in these modified reproductions, which compound them to emphasizes relations between the viewer and the objects–their receptions. Published by Onomatopee (Eindhoven). 

112 pages, 24 x 34 cm, softcover, Onomatopee (Eindhoven).