Tommaso Speretta - Rebels Rebel. Aids, Art and Activism in New York, 1979-1989


Rebels Rebel traces the movement of AIDS activism by various art collectives in New York in the 1980s – a subject that has not, as yet, been discussed widely in Europe. The book is conceived as a tribute to the activist art collectives born in New York City at the beginning of the 1980s, united by a common refusal of traditional aesthetic criteria, the synthesis of artistic strategies and commercial advertising for political propagandistic ends and by a willingness to take direct action to end the AIDS crisis. This volume takes a look at the graphic design and imagery associated with the movement and also includes social, political, art historical and curatorial reflections. Rebels Rebel aims to demonstrate that art can play a crucial role in social and political change. Thanks again to MER. Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent).

264 pages, 21 x 13 cm, softcover, MER. Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent).