Tyyne Claudia Pollmann - tracelation


Retrieving, processing, tracking and tracing have evolved into standard actions performed with any available data, including their instant translation into images; transforming, modifying, and adjusting them for visualised results. Data are treated as fragments: aspects, parameters, details of complex actions and behaviour which are isolated, reduced, idealised, and finally presented for further investigation. tracelation underscores the indispensable action of translation within the performance of tracing, which results in histories of action, movement, performance, as time-specific changes of particles: big data. Derivation answers derivation, algorithm feeds algorithm, analysis of derived data, constantly re-translated, shaping reality: a chain of tracelations. The book was produced from the exhibition 'leave a trace', installed in the Charite CrossOver Institute in Berlin since 2013, which tracelates raw data into images and sends the trajectories back to their originators. The image output of these interactions can be viewed on site and online via live stream and forms the core of this publication, along with its further tracelations and subtexts by its contributors. Published by Archive Books (Berlin). 

228 pages, 21 x 19 cm, softcover, Archive Books (Berlin).