Womens Work


Womens Work was a magazine edited by Alison Knowles and Anna Lockwood that featured text-based and instructional scores by 25 female artists. Two issues of the magazines were published between 1975 and 1978.

The work of Beth Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Jackie Apple, Barbara Benary, Sari Dienes, Nye Ffarrabas (Bici Forbes), Simone Forti, Wendy Greenberg, Heidi Von Gunden, Françoise Janicot, Alison Knowles, Christina Kubisch, Carol Law, Anne Lockwood (Anna Lockwood), Mary Lucier, Lisa Mikulchik, Ann Noël (Ann Williams), Pauline Oliveros, Takako Saito, Carolee Schneemann, Mieko Shiomi, Elaine Summers, Carole Weber, Julie Winter and Marilyn Wood are all featured. Published by Primary Information (New York City).