Yanni Florence - Southland


These photographs were taken by Yanni Florencenot on assignment but as an aside and as a participant in the weekly shopping trip to the SOUTHLAND shopping centre. A brightly lit and colourful place seen in dark, full bleed black and white photographs. Printed on thin glossy paper that references retail junk mail and contrastingly bound in hardback with the cover printed on textured cloth. The photographs depict advertising spruiking ‘infinite happiness’, ‘good life’, and ‘style guides’. But they show alienation, loneliness and anxiety. Nevertheless, through this appear people striving for community, under one roof; eating together, sitting together, walking together and being together. Trippy carpet patterns, blurred lights and endless mirrors alongside liver spots and crying babies. It’s a book about people versus architecture. Published by M.33 (Melbourne).

118 pages, 26 x 20 cm, hardcover, M.33 (Melbourne).