Zürich Kritik


The 2015 exhibition and publication proudly presents a new standard. Curator and associate professor ZHdK, Erik Steinbrecher has invited art critic Jennifer Allen to introduce a new method of critique that has sharpened the graduates’ degree works in a post-examination marathon week of one-to-one tutorials. Elaborating her technique in a tour d’horizon around a variety of European art institutions, Allen put her mind to crystallising today’s trends in aesthetic education. From Amsterdam to Berlin, she found herself confronted with the question of “how humans try to match the exponential computational powers of digitization.” She thus visited Zurich to see each graduate individually with “a new critical method which pairs speed with excess in a way that both digital natives and digital immigrants can appreciate.”

This book was published on the occasion of Zürich Kritik, the 2015 Degree Show of the ZHdK's Master of Arts in Fine Arts graduates, celebrating the works by Baggenstos/Rudolf, Julie Bärz, Pietro Castano, Sonja Feldmeier, Sayumi Fukushima, Ergör Gökçe, Michael Günzburger, Philipp Hänger, Bleta Jahaj, Eunkyung Jeong, Karin Kurzmeyer, Sandra Lang, Miriam Laura Leonardi, Esther Mathis, Nicolasa Navarrete, Wanda Nay, Andrea Palamarčuková, Katherine Patiño Miranda, Leila Peacock, Maria Pomiansky, Kathrin Schmid, Thorsten Strohmeier, Tim Wandelt, Julia Weber, Lauren Wildbolz and Alper Yagcioglu. Thanks to Kodoji Press (Zurich). 

58 pages, 22 × 31.5 cm, softcover, Kodoji Press (Zurich).